Email Not coming to G Suit

My website URL

What I’m seeing is: my mails are not coming through to Gmail, I do have G suit legacy account.

I’m using this software:

Additional information: Please help! Step by Step assistance required

You need to enable Less Secure Apps (if you can’t enable it contact the Administrator of your G Suite account) and connect the SMTP server with these settings:
Server: ssl://
Username: your Gmail email
Password: what you used to create the Google ID.

Before we can give you step by step assistance, can you please provide step by step instructions to reproduce the problem first? Because I don’t understand what exactly the problem is.

Or can you at least point out where you are sending email from and to? Do you have GSuite on Or do you use our email accounts and try to send to another domain on GSuite? Does sending to other domains on other mail services work?

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