Email forwarding


I’m able to set-up my email account and to recieve emails (I can see them in roundcube client). However, forwarding does not work (?)

My email address: contact (at)


E-mail forwarding in general is a bit of a hit and miss because there are plenty of e-mail providers who block e-mails if they are being forwarded by a third party service. That’s not something we can do much about, it’s just as much a “fault” from the e-mail provider which the e-mail is being forwarded to.

I experimented with email destinations :
gmail does not work at all and on one another provider forwarded messages get spammed automatically.



I recommend you register for the ZohoMail (E-Mail-Hosting | Sichere geschäftliche E-Mails für Ihr Unternehmen – Zoho Mail) free plan which allows 30 individual emails and unlimited messages. You will need to make some changes within your hosting account to make it work however they are very reliable and messages won’t appear as junk usually.

They will give you instructions of how to change the mail system when you register.

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