Email broken following domain transfer

Hi All,

So, here’s my latest problem.

Domain transferred away from Wix to Namecheap, nameservers pointed to my site. Everything working as it should apart from email.

The email address was set up on Wix using the domain name of the site.
Namecheap have said I need to sort this out at the end, my sorting out the MX records. I’m assuming/hoping there’s some way of migrating the existing email over to the new site?

Oh I forgot to mention it’s a gmail account, using the domain name.
I think gmail can be setup as a work email using my domain…wondering if that’s what needs to happen here to restore it?

By more luck than skill I’ve managed to fix this.

Should anyone else need to know - if you have a Gmail account bought by wix etc. And you move domains to a new host, get yourself onto Google Admin, it should list your email address with your domain. They can give you the MX entries you need, pop those into your host, go back to Admin Gmail Workspaces and it activate, it’ll then look for those entries and get you set up.

Happy Days!


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