My website URL is: http://thenaturalist.epizy.com/

What I’m seeing is: My Page is Blank When I Try to Import .zip files Templates

I’m using this software: Elementor

Additional information:

It’s possible that the file upload runs into a size limit (normally 10 MB), or into a PHP timeout when unpacking and installing the template (normally 20 seconds).

Are these “templates” some kind of Elementor function? Or are these just regular WordPress Themes? Because if so, you could attempt a manual installation over FTP: https://wordpress.org/support/article/using-themes/#adding-new-themes-manually-ftp


Well the file size is only a few MB’s(less than 10MB)
And yes templates are Elementor functions which are like pre-designed websites
I tried to solve this problem by looking it up at elementor website and this is what their help had to say

I also tried the manual function too but I couldn’t find the “templates” folder

Thanks for the help
I actually figured it out

Would you mind sharing how you did it? Maybe there are others now or in the future who run into the same issue, and you would help those people a lot by sharing your solution here.

Well I thought that the .zip file was actually a template
but when i tried to upload it in the theme section it was added there
And I realized that templates are only in.json files
So i downloaded a .json template and it worked

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