Elementor no more editing. In a new and empty account, also


Hi, I have 2 sites in development on my free plan. Today tried to edit one, and for about 4 hours tried to find a solution for the not-loading lateral bar with no success. Then tried to edit the other site. Same thing. Then created a account with a brand new empty site (had installed only the Wordpress, the Elementor and Elementor Pro, same thing happened.

Whats up?

Deactivating just the Elementor Pro allows the editing, did it was blocked?

Elementor is not recommended on free hosting, as it is very resource extensive and can easily break the site by overloading the servers.

You might wanted to use the built-in gutenberg editor instead.


Rarely I use 50% of my resources quota, and thats in the development phase, thats more resource intensive. And the PRO working like a charm till 2 days ago and no more now remains unanswered by the way.

FIY, the free version of Elementor does not meet the minimum system requirements published by its developers in free hosting. Elementor Pro is even more resource intensive then its free version. Neither software is meant to to be supported here, and (as you’ve experienced), neither software works well.


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