Elementor keeps stopping

My website joyorama.com has been having some problems the last month or so. Last year it was working fine. Elementor keeps stopping, and then I just get an error when I try to access the site. I am usually able to fix it by manually removing the elementor folder, and then reinstalling it from the dashboard.

Also I had to manually update wordpress once because my whole site crashed, here is the forum-

Any ideas? Thanks!

It works for me, so maybe try clearing cache or reinstalling WP

Yeah because I just fixed it. It works whenever I fix it for a while, but Im pretty sure it will break again in s few days if I try it again.

Well, you hv the answer. Stop using it

But what if I want to use it? If your car keeps stalling, do you walk everywhere? No, you fix it.

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For WP or plugins update, do not update automatically.
Update via Softaculous.

Do you insist on doing the same thing yet expecting a different outcome? In order to get a different outcome, dun keep banging the same wall…

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Exactly why Im asking how to fix it permanateally instead of keeping fixing it every time it stops working.

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Ask their support?


This tells me plugin does not work very well on free hosting…



Oof I guess its time for an upgrade…

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Gd luck!

Yep, I had the same problem and I wasn’t that far in… I just re-installed WP. I am pretty sure the problem is not on elementors side bc then many other people who use elementor would also encounter the same problem. This is most likely another plug-in or add on related problem that caused the error. Hope it works!

P.S. I run elementor on my site and use it a little, so @KangJL might be correct about the plug-in if your whole site runs on elementor.

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