edit the main .htaccess


i would like to edit the .htaccess file, i mean the one inside /.
but i dont have the permission to do it.

all i want to do is replace your ErrorDocument pages with mine,
So that would be there:

ErrorDocument 400 http://lemonbots.cf/error400.html/
ErrorDocument 401 http://lemonbots.cf/error401.html/
ErrorDocument 403 http://lemonbots.cf/error403.html/
ErrorDocument 404 http://lemonbots.cf/error404.html/
ErrorDocument 500 http://lemonbots.cf/error500.html/
ErrorDocument 503 http://lemonbots.cf/error503.html/


You can create your own .htaccess file in htdocs folder of your domain and its rules will overwrite the default .htaccess rules.

i did that, but the old, main .htaccess is still there creating errors having the same rules in 2 .htaccesses

error400.html/ would refer to a directory, not a file.
I take it that’s not your intention.

As for how .htaccess works, it is hierarchical, that is settings in subdirectories override the same setting at a higher level. However, higher level settings which are not overridden in a subsequent .htaccess file stay in force.

BTW, this is very different from the way php.ini works.

pls i need helpppp

The .htaccess you are gonna try to edit is inside the /htdocs folder. @LemonBots

If you have multiple ErrorDocument lines, the last one takes precedence. Any .htaccess rule in the main .htaccess file can be overwritten by .htaccess files in subdirectories.

So whatever is causing any error you may see, I'm quite certain that moving the same rules to a different .htaccess file is not going to fix it.

Speaking of any error, what is actually the "error" you see?

But, like @iwrconsultancy already suggested, double checking the URLs is a good start.