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@OxyDac said:
not just ban - All this can also be reported on abuse @ his ISP
let’s not forget that every ISP also has its own rules (how to behave on the internet)

for such offenses is a penalty of 7 days without internet

for difficult cases up to 4 weeks
and if it repeats account is permanently terminated

Do you know countries that have this kind of penalties?

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when writing abuse report it is only important to specify the IP and time zone of logs
and of course briefly describe the offense

A simple spam mail is a violation and you can report it to abuse

I’ve sent 8 people over the years to abuse
mainly “children” who run some scripts think they are hackers
so firewall tells me that someone is doing port scan, etc.

in one case, I got a direct phone line with a person who works in abuse service
and he tells me “I just pressed the button”

I’m watching IRC chat where this offender was online (his offense was ->falsely represented as me)
and in 15 seconds the user disappears > Quit (Ping Timeout)

after that, he opened the account with another ISP and there they were also terminated permanently… then he calmed down

this is the common practice of all ISPs
if this is the first offense - for mild violations there is a warning
on mail and ISP also intercepts opening any webpage and
jump with a big message e.g. “you are under investigation or punishment”

the user is in this case insults on racial, linguistic, geographical, and other basis.
also insulting authority.


I have sent the abuse reports even for some inappropriate guestbook post
which was not even close to the words pronounced there

and after 24h there is an answer from abuse service:

“According to our records, your request has been resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns, please reply to this message.”

word resolved means - user is penalized

let’s say he gets ban and came back and proudly wrote “I came back ha ha ha”
admin can report him to abuse because of


@ChrisPAR said:

PHP.INI values cannot be changed on Free Hosting, this is a limit that is set so that free hosting can continue to host thousands of websites.

Seriously now, if you think that anyone is going to increase this limit just for you, you are the idiot. Multiple requests had be done in the past and they were all rejected.

Oh, and one more thing.
You call the users here who are trying to help you DUMB and IDIOTS, and when Admin himself comes to answer to this stupid post you call him a retard.

You are risking getting a ban here, because you break the rules by insulting people only wanting to help you.

You have to learn that we cannot do anything Just For A User. If we did what every user requested, then how would Admin and staff pay for the bills?

If you really want this, go to premium hosting, or find another free host, although I highly doubt that there would be another free hosting who would change the values just for you.

Shutup fuck nigga, thanks

I’m sorry, but I don’t do business with arrogant pricks. Your accounts have been terminated. Go ruin someone else’s day.


I am pretty sure he will have moved to some powered by iFastNet competitor and will also expect the same things.


there’s always something good in every bad situation
I now feel much more united to all of you (mentioned by this gentleman)