Edit html file

I edited my html file but changes are not shown on my website. Why?


In the future, make sure you completely fill out the topic template and provide a URL. Can you please try clearing your cache?


how to clear cache?

Follow this:



ctrl + f5

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What about Ctrl + refresh button (chromebook) or the others for other browsers/devices/keyboards?

Also, another method is that if you can access it and have devtools open (on chrome, I know at least chrome does this), you can right click the reload and it will give you the option to refresh, hard reload, or empty the cache and hard reload.


Or you can click the “Disable Cache” checkbox in dev tools. That works as well. (Although I think that is a temporary thing, and if I remember correctly, so is right-clicking the reload button)


I believe it is a temporary thing. As for the right clicking the refresh, I don’t know, actually.

I mean, there are so many ways to delete the cache. You could go even as far as to access the program in ram and delete the cache, replacing it with empty bytes or something that works!


Does anyone with a life actually do that though?

That makes me think of a good contest question. Put people in teams and see what team can come up with the most ways to purge the cache of a browser.

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