Economize cpu

I’m using the free plan and I want to save on cpu usage so I do not reach the limit. I would like to know if I connect my database from an external server to my site econimizaria cpu?

You can’t do Remote MySQL on free hosting. You must update to Premium Hosting if you want this and many other features.

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The CPU usage is based only on the PHP code execution, not your database usage. So moving the database somewhere else will not reduce the CPU usage of your website.

In fact, it’s possible that your CPU usage would increase, because a remote database would likely be slower than our database due to latency, which means your PHP code will have to wait longer for the databases responses, which means the code is active for a longer time.

You’re of course welcome to try (you can connect to external databases from your code on our hosting, but not from code somewhere else to our databases), but I would be very surprised if it helped.

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Thank you ! and congratulations the team responsible for the site! They are to be congratulated!

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