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On Minecraft servers there is a plug-in called dynmap ( dynamic map ) . Dynmap makes a map of the Minecraft server it is installed on and it is possible the make the map appear on my website sjh.rf.gd , but by default it makes the map on serverAdressess:8123. How do I make the map appear on my website? All of the dynmap html files are on the server at the moment.

Minecraft server on this free shared hosting will be abuse of their resources, so try to search “free minecraft hosting” on Google and do it there instead of trying to install dynmap on there, even if their firewall allows access only via HTTP and HTTPS to their addresses!

I am currently hosting the server myself

Ah. But their firewall has 80 and 443 ports open, not 8123.

I can put the dynmap html files on my website and some how connect dynmap to it

If you managed to point the free subdomains to your server, you may open the port 8123 on your firewall and router’s settings to port map 8123 port on the IP of your computer.

I will try that tomorrow because I am not on my computer

And 8123 is open on my router

So how does this system work exactly? The Minecraft plugin generates the HTML files? And are those HTML pages accessible from the internet?

If the answers are yes and yes, then a simple redirect or iframe would do. Otherwise, you may need to build something more complicated.

When doing so, it’s good to note two things:

  • Access to custom ports is blocked from our servers. So your PHP code with us cannot access port 8123 on your game server. Only specific, known ports are trusted, and it’s not possible to open custom ports.
  • Our FTP servers are intended for website administration, not data backup or synchronization. I have seen many accounts get terminated because people thought a free hosting account was a perfect place to have their IP camera upload images to multiple times per minute. So if you are going to have something push files to your account, make sure to limit it’s frequency.

The answer is yes and yes

But when the server is off no map from the plugin

And there are php files to get the information from the server

Hello people.

Yes, if the server is down, then there is no way to get the data from the server. If that happens frequently, you will need to transfer these HTML files from the game server to your website, which is an example of the “more complicated” solutions I wrote about before.

I don’t know of any reliable way I can recommend to you that would work to synchronize these files. If you could run a script on the game server which uploads the HTML files once per day or so, that might work. But I don’t know if there is software available which can do that, or whether you have to make something yourself.

Thanks for help

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