Drwpls.me is already assigned and in use.2

The domain is drwpls.me

I get this error when try to add my domain to panel.

How can I solve it?

You have this domain on some other free hosting. eg. profreehost, byet.host. remove it from there. If you havent contact iFastNet for removing the domain. May I know which hosting provider you were on before?


I don’t know, maybe another account I created, but I can’t remember it. Are these others way to fix it?

Contact iFastNet is the only solution. If you don’t know

They replied to me and said that this domain added already to epiz_27429993 infinity free account, how can I contact to infinityFree support to fix it!

epiz_27429993 is this one of your 3 accounts?

If it is, I don’t remember it’s email, sorry about that.

Please contact InfinityFree at mailto:[email protected] (only for serious things) not for help


Yes, you did. It has the same email address as your current account but with +infinityfree added to the local part.

Please login to that profile to manage the account to which you assigned your domain before.


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