Downtime on Specific Countries?

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Downtimes on Canadian and East American Monitoring Servers ranging from 4 to 9 Minutes

Other Information

Have a look here Freshping Public Status Page

I have a WordPress Firewall named WordFence but the IPs on those monitoring systems by FreshPing were Ignored, meaning those IPs will never be banned and will allow them for any condition.

Now, What is the reason for some country-specific downtimes. As of the time of writing this , servers like Japan and Australia has no downtime.

By the way, this may help Why are my Checks always down even when my website is up? : Freshping

This is the IP lists of FreshPing. Do Infinity Free/IFastNet blocks some actions of these IPs?

This should answer your question


So, okay if the pings are okay in some countries meaning my site is up.

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