Downloading the file on enter

Hello! I want to make it so like when a user visits: (not my website) it starts to download that file onto that computer. Ratger then showing the files structure. Is it possible?

if they enter a direct link in the browser, I don’t think it will be so simple, but it depends on the settings in the browser for a certain extension


I mean for example if a mesh is.obj i wont be able to use HTML or PHP with it

Can you explain a little more, for example:

What is the purpose of that file for someone to download it? (ok , except that it has something to do with 3D)
What will they do next with that file?
Is that file in some kind of interaction with your website?
Does that file exist on the server or was it generated on the “fly” by some program code? (note - that file cannot be larger than 10MB)

What exactly prevents the user from selecting “SAVE AS” while viewing that file of yours (even if the content/structure is shown) ?

I don’t know, maybe this is useful for you


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