Downloaded mf folders, only see welcome page on my web site

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Other Information I downloaded my html files with Filezilza. The html code worked when I open with my browser before downloading, but only see the welcome page after I downloaded to hddocs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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This is what I see.

I’m not sure if this is the page you wanted to show, however, the links don’t work as the href is a file:/// URL.


Thanks I dont see that only welcome page. I have to change the links was going to my file…Thats my home page however, so thats good How can I get other pages to show so Ican get their URLs

Cleared cache now see home page listed as index.html Cant see other pages listed as page 1 2 3. Thanks

That is because:

Let’s use the href attribute of the Page 1 text as an example:
The issue is that href is using file:///, which will not work because it calls a local page.
You can change it to:
href="Page 1.html"
The full a tag becomes:
<a href="Page 1.html">Page 1</a>
This will call the correct HTML file and will render a page:

The images do not appear because there is no images folder.
Same fix applies to the other a tags.
Here are the other tags fixed:
Page 2: <a href="Page 2.html">Page 2</a>
Page 3: <a href="Page 3.html">Page 3</a>


I really appreciate the quick responses Got the links fixed just need images to work I downloaded them to htdocs with Filezila I can see them in my file manager but not working??

You’ve uploaded the images to the root folder (htdocs). However, your code calls for the images that are inside the images folder, which does not exist.
Create a new folder in your htdocs called images, move all the images there and try again.


Thanks a lot for your help. For some reason when images folder transferred it made the name with capital I. Think I have everything fixed now. Appreciate the help.


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