Double Hosting

I have a question of two different hosting
I wan to host a page like example com on infinityfree but the other page i want to host on another hosting provider
Is it possible? Can i do it without using subdomains but only in the way i have explained?

No, not without a lot of ‘hacking’.

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You could do it, but a messy way.


That would most likely break the Terms of Service, therefore we will not tell you.

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I agree with @wackyblackie, I don’t want you to land in trouble :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

If there are two pages on the same domain you want to host on different providers, by far the best way to do so is by using subdomains. For example, you could host with us, and with FreeFlarum.

This works because you can direct the subdomains to other servers/providers at the DNS level.

You could hypothetically do this, but then you’d effectively have to setup a proxy script on our hosting to direct examplepage to the third party server. But you should not do this because it is:

  • difficult;
  • slow; and most importantly
  • forbidden on our hosting.

So please save yourself the headache and just use a subdomain.



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