Dont have ssl certificate for sub domain

I have seen this site provides free SSL certificate
so i went to claim one I have a subdomain of InfinityFree
but the message
But on my website its still unprotected
My website

For me, I get a “Bad URL” message from the browser (however, that may be a NS problem on our end). Please ensure that you actually requested the certificate and installed it, and that there are no invalid .htaccess directives.


The message “The www. subdomain is automatically included” means that if you were to order an SSL certificate for, the certificate you’ll receive is also valid for

It does not mean that ALL subdomains of your domain are protected, or that all free subdomains are automatically protected. It’s just about the www. subdomain.

The reason your website isn’t protected is because you don’t have an SSL certificate. If you want one, you’ll need to obtain and install one, and I recommend using our Free SSL Certificates tool for that.


Oh thank you


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