Domains redirecting to trojans

So i got my domain and made it onto my cpanel, i went to test it and it said “Redirecting…” and goes nowhere. (White screen)

Just wanted to make a Geometry Dash Private Server.

(Also the domain works but not the subdomain)
(AVG Picked this up as a JavaScript trojan JS:Redirector-CDN even though i didnt upload a virus)

All i could give since thats all it was on my domain.

Gameserver hosting aren’t supported here.


May I know where does it tell redirecting?
All I see dir listing in the subdomain

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Think it got fixed.

Its not really a game server, its just a gdps database along with tools for my game.

This subdomain is not assigned to your account yet. You’ll need to create it first through the Subdomains section in your control panel.

That said, you won’t be able to host your game server here. Even though it’s written in PHP, we only provide website hosting, not API hosting, so the mobile app client won’t be able to connect to your server:


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