Domains and DNS

I’m trying to change the DNS of the company that purchased my domain.
But the company says that infinityFree is not responding to servers, it says that infinityfree is not responding to my domain. How do I proceed?

What servers are you pointing to?

What is the domain of your website (some domains are not allowed on Infinityfree like .tk domains)?

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Welcome, maybe this will help?


I am pointing the servers that release me (infinityFree)” and
my domain is, an easily accepted domain.
However, when I try to create my account on (infinityfree), he says that I need to change my domain’s DNS before creating the account. However, my domain company says the opposite, says that first (infinityfree) must recognize my domain by creating an account.
I’m in this looping forever, one says that the other company must do its part first, when I try to insert the DNS in the domain company, an error message occurs saying that infinityfree has not yet recognized my domain.

Yes, .br domains won’t work here due to additional check in nameserver. Please use another domain.


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