Username (epiz_25462100)

Hello, I want to make my free domain to .com (go daddy) why can’t I open my domain? Via I have registered on the go daddy server on my server domain please fix why ?

The Domain Checker in the client area is your friend for situations like these. It can help identify common domain configuration issues. This is what I see if I check your domain there:

In the nameservers, I see you have both our nameservers, our nameservers, Cloudflare’s nameservers and Yahoo’s nameservers.

As a rule of thumb: never use multiple sets of nameservers.

So please pick which nameservers you want to use and configure your domain so those and only those nameservers are being used. Using our nameservers ( or - just not both) is easiest, but you can use third party nameservers if you want.


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