My website URL

What I’m seeing is:This will only take a moment. Please wait…

I’m using this software: //

Additional information: Domain successfully hosted on serve but every times show same things. Is that problem with domain???

I tried accessing your website with www and it works, so it may be that the DNS records for your domain were corrupted. Can you try to remove and re-add the domain from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel? That should restore back some of the corrupted DNS records.

Thank you @Ergastolator1
Yes It’s work with www
But i don’t get DNS record part and Addon Domains well i know that what is that.
but pleases tell me exact process how to do that part.
Again Thank you @Ergastolator1

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To remove a domain, go to the Control Panel, scroll down until you see “Addon Domains” and click on it, then click “Delete” near the domain you want to delete.
To re-add it again, insert the domain name you want to re-add (without www. or special characters before/after/between it) and click on “Add Domain”.
After re-adding the domain into your account, it might take a while for the DNS records to upgrade.

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Hey there @Ergastolator1
Thank you again :smile: again
I don’t how but somehow the problem fix by itself by next day and now working perfectly!

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