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So hello,
I recently stumbled upon this site and it seemed pretty good, but I had a problem. I was using Nicepage for the Joomla! site but when i uploaded the zip it showed an error with zlib. Any solution?
(excuse me for this, but im pretty new)

looks like that issue is solved before, do you still have same issue rn?

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One last question, how long does it take for the suspended website to get functional when switching web providers?

Do you mean And by switching do you mean switching to InfinityFree or going away

@HaydenANG . Yes. I’m switching from InfinityFree going to Google.

Oh ok, Well Generally DNS propogation can take up to 72 Hours, But it usually only takes about an hour (To change main domain nameservers). I hope you enjoyed your stay with InfinityFree :slight_smile: And good look with your website or whatever you are doing.

But remember, we can’t help and support you about issues if your webhost is google, go to google forums for that!


@HaydenANG Hey!
One thing i noticed. While the domain seems to be showing Hostinger on my phone, it still shows the suspended domain on my pc. Sorry if I’m confused, because I really am :stuck_out_tongue:

Clear your PC browser caches to update and see your newly website.

Yep, Do as katufo says and click;

Ctrl + f5

To refresh your browser cache, or fire up cmd.exe (Win+r then type cmd.exe) and type

IPConfig /flushdns

In the terminal to refresh your computer’s dns cache, however i have realised changing the root nameservers of a domain more than 3 times can take a time to refresh DNS.


Not even working on my phone now. I’ll check tommorow, I’ll inform you what’s the progress. Thanks for the help!

Aaah. Still suspended after 14 hours…

Okay. May we know what is your website link?

Please see the “You are moving the domain name to another hosting provider” section in this article to understand why this happens.

TL;DR: You caused this by deactivating your account before the domain name was fully moved to the new provider. There are workarounds described in the article.


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