Domain was Suspended please slove

Username [epiz_31304431]

Error Message

Other Information

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go to your accounts page @ Login to your account - InfinityFree

click on the manage button and you should see some info about the suspension

also you can click on cpanel button, scroll down to metrics and click the account statistics button for extra information

post results here, thanks


Without more info, we cannot help you. Provide domain name for a start


I checked your account, but it has never been suspended.

But I also don’t see any domain names linked to the account. If you remove a domain but the domain is still pointing to your website IP, you will also see the page. This is normal. To fix this, simply add the domain to your account again, or update the DNS of your domain so it points to the new IP address, and wait up to 72 hours for DNS propagation.

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epiz_31304431- My Domain url is

I am sorry if I am breaking any terms and conditions, please sir resubmit my Domain now. And explain why you suspend my Domain, if You resubmit my Domain I’ll follow all term’s and conditions of Your Website.
Thank You

Check-in your client area for the reason why you were suspended. Let us know the reason here then.


There is nothing on client area. please help me on this

Your domain is not hosted here, sorry. You seem to be using aws.

It says,

Don’t see your website yet?

Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain name or hosting account to start working everywhere.

But im waiting for a day

Because your nameservers are not pointing to infinity free. Please change nameservers to :

From your domain registrar, Porkbun.


Dear [jaikrishna.t]

Can you remove the suspended error from my domain without updating nameservers

Sorry, I cannot remove the error, I don’t have access to your account, so you’re on your own. You need to change nameservers for your website to point to InfinityFree servers.

You can change the A record at your domain registrar to the IP address given in your client area.

Also, all I see is this text on your domain:

**404 (004)**
pixie hosting

DEear sir,

I was removed my domain because i couldnt open wordpress login.
is there any issue with wordpress?

Wait, you’re confusing me. What exactly is your error? I don’t see any suspended error on your domain. Your website doesn’t work because it is not pointed to infinityfree.

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My domain is

This is what I see, no suspended error.

How do you expect your domain to work with nameservers not that of IF, and not added to an account, huh?

Please change nameservers and add to an account for the website to open :thinking:


when i type in my google search ( it says suspended domain

Can you share a screenshot of the search result from google?

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how do i slove this error?

I already told.