Domain Suspended problem

Hello Admin,
My domain has been suspended I do not know why even without any notification. Cannot connect to filezilla but have access on cpanel.

Need support on that Please.

Thank You.

This is my account id:- epiz_23170510

Website went down again. Really this is annoying.

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If you can still access the control panel, it means your website is not suspended. A suspended website is completely locked down, and all control panel functionality is disabled.

Thennn…what’s the solution?

Thanks for your response, I don’t know why am I keep getting this error for no reason…? sometime the website working sometime it’s redirecting to suspended domain link.

The redirect is caused by a system issue, not by an account suspension. Why exactly this happens, or when it will be resolved, I don’t know yet. All I can ask is to have patience while the systems administrators of iFastNet are doing their jobs.

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