Domain still suspended after migrating to premium?

Just bought Premium, should my site be immediately unsuspended, as everything is active & seems to have setup correctly?

Hello there,

Can you provide your domain? So that we can check whether your site is already active on our end.

The reason why your site could show a suspended page is because your new DNS records still have not propagated, so if you just recently moved and changed your DNS nameservers to the premium ones then kindly wait until your DNS will fully propagate which takes up to 24-48 hours.

edit: site ok

Like it says in our home page: InfinityFree free hosting and iFastNet’s premium hosting is completely separate. Buying an account at iFastNet doesn’t change anything about your free account with us.

However, iFastNet can import your content from your free hosting account, even if the account is suspended. But you’ll need to ask them to do so.

Here is some other information you may find relevant:


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