Domain setup problems

How long should it take before the DNS servers here recognize that the custom domain I’ve chosen is not “available” and is owned by me? This website does already recognize that I have pointed to infinity’s DNS servers?

Also, why when using my test subdomain am I getting this error?

An Error Occurred

Services for this domain name have been disabled.

I see your epizy website, it can take up to 72 hours for a domain name to work its way around the world. what is your domain name i can try it

top line of text from your website reads Read this before sending your child to…


Eh… which check are you referring to exactly? As far as I know, we only look at two things:

  • Is the domain registered on an account on our platform?
  • Is the domain pointing to our nameservers?

As to whether or not the domain is available for registration, who has registered it, or what the status is at the registry, we don’t check that.

Login to the client area, click Manage next to your account and read the yellow banner in the middle of the screen.


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