Domain opening files that dont exist in the file manager


Hi, so there wasnt an error message with this issue but im very confused. So essentially my module 5 page on my site and the link to the wireframe on that page are linking to files that I no longer have in the file manager. I had to change the title for the tab in the wireframe html but once I fixed it and reuploaded it with ftp the error was still coming up like i didn’t have the CSS in the file manager but i do. When I open it with the base file from my computer it opens fine. I’ve tried making copies under different names and changing the links then uploading them I’ve deleted the original files and uploaded the new ones. I’ve cleared my cache multiple times. Nothing is working its still pulling up these files that now aren’t even in my file manager or in the files that should be linking to the new files. I know all the code is correct as I’ve had multiple people look over it and now I’m just really frustrated and don’t know what to do.

So in summary in my file manager i now have for example the new module5.html and I also have mywireframe.html as well as that wireframes correct CSS. But its still opening the old module5.html that opens wireframe.html which is the one that doesn’t work and has an improper title. I’ve tried multiple times to reupload the files and when downloading those to check and make sure they weren’t corrupted they showed up as the correct new files. I don’t understand what’s going on I feel like I’ve tried everything!

just checking now

module5.html shows this

and the mywireframe.html link takes me here

so it does seem to exist

can you post a screenshot of your filemanager, thanks

but it does sound like a cache issue to me, try opening your site in a private browser window and see if it makes a difference


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