Domain not parking

I Can’t add parked domain
if i am try park domain I get an error “Error #93681767457 Please contact support.”

If you don’t have an addon domain on your hosting account and try to park your other domain to a domain that doesn’t exist, then it will give that error. The solution is to add the domain as an addon domain, and then upload your website files to your new domain’s htdocs folder, or install WordPress or many other softwares from the Softaculous Apps Installer on your domain.

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i am try this but this does not help

if i am do this i have

(site has uploaded)

The domain is currently not assigned to any hosting account. Please assign the domain to an account first, and then be sure to upload the files to the directory of that domain name. For addon domains, this would be the directory If you delete this directory, you’ll see the 404 page of which you shared a screenshot.


thank you

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