Domain name question

Hi InfinityFree admin
First I need to thank about this amazing free hosting server

I have a question that after i buy a domain name and i point to the name server correctly
and i choose addon domain.

my ftp show up my new domain folder inside , is that means i need to transfer all of my old website content into the new folder which named my domain name?

because i am scared about this… i have too much content in the default folder right now… I am using wordpress

please help me about this , i scare if my step wrong and I will spoil my database and website content

the reason i dont choose the park domain because i want the website just show my new domain

When adding a domain name to your account, you have two options:

  • Link the domain to an existing directory (Parked Domain).
  • Link the domain to a new directory (Addon Domain).

If you want to move a website from one domain to another and don’t want to use parked domains, then you have to move your website files to a different directory. Fortunately, doing so is easy using a desktop FTP file manager like FileZilla.

You will also have to change the site URL of your installation. You can read more about that in the official WordPress docs:

Of course, there is always a risk you could break something, so it’s highly recommended you backup your files and database and know how you can restore them before doing anything.