Domain Name Displays i=1/2/3 As Soon As Someone Hits The Enter.

Hello, I am hosting my most of the domain names on FreeCluster, But the problem that i am facing is most of the time when someone tries to open my website , My domain name is displaying (/i=1 ) / (/i=2 ) or (/i=3 ) at the end for example if anyone is trying to open a domain , So it will redirect and shows, On which website files are displaying all okay there is no issue with the email or anything, But when ever i try to index my pages or try to make a sitemap with any online tool it only displays 3 URl(s). Like is for sale |, is for sale |, is for sale |,

So i want help in resolving this issue as this can be a barrier for google as well because when ever google bot enters my website it will also track only 3 URL(s) as mention aboveā€¦

Please help me solve this issue.
Thank you