Domain must be between 5 and 48 characters

The domain must be between 5 and 48 characters.

How to recreate the error:
Go to accounts, click create account, click custom domain and type any domain longer than 48 characters

Will my domain work with infinityfree if its longer than 48 characters? Please fix this

like it said … 5 - 48 characters so if its longer its not going to work

more than 48 character domain name is quite unusual, im not sure if admin will consider extending it

how come your domain name is so long ? and what is it ?


The hosting platform API has a limit on the length of domains it can support. Domains longer than that will simply get rejected.

The control panel itself does tend to be more lenient though. Perhaps you can work around this by first creating an account with a free subdomain, and then add your long domain to it afterwards as an Addon Domain?


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