Domain link not redirecting to my home page

My URL is the following:**

When I try to open my website I see this:**

However if I try on a mobile device it works as expected.
This is happening only on my computer, on both Chrome, IE, and Edge.
It’s also happening on other computers.

I have already tried to clean up the cache, but that didn’t work…

Thanks in advance for all your support guys!

I am having the exact same problem. It was working perfectly and then all of a sudden yesterday it got directed to that page above. My URL is Please anyone that could possibly help, It would be appreciated.

@nat777 I’m sorry, but how was your domain name working yesterday? I just checked the domain, and it’s assigned to an account which was created earlier today.

@HeadButcher The IP address your website is on has been taken down because of a DDoS attack. Our systems administrators are monitoring the issue and will reactivate the IP address as soon as the attack is over.

In the mean time, the only thing I can recommend to do is to wait, or you could move your website to a different account on a different IP address.

Oh really? hmm… that’s weird. I actually made the account 2 days ago. Not sure why it says that, but yea I’ll just try to wait it out and see if it works. Thanks so much!

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