Domain issues with my website

Hello, whenever I try to go to my website I get a message that says “Can’t reach this page” and underneath a error message that says

The DNS server might be having problems.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem before, and if so how did you correct this? I have contacted my domain registrar and they tell me the domain is clear and free of any errors plus I can visit any where on the web I want to go. So this tells me there is a problem on my Infinity Free Hosting account. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or a fix for this?


My first suggestion is to actually include the website you’re talking about. It’s very hard to check things without knowing what to check.

Sorry about that but its all good now. Whenever I added my website which by the way is Instead of uploading the files to that directory’s htdocs I added them to the main htdocs folder instead. Once I realized what I had done it was easy to remedy.