Domain Issue


I created an older account for testing and ended up forgetting what email address we used to create the account…

So I just created a new account now Hidden by MOD - PII as we cannot get into the old one, and tried to create a new profile with our own domain but it was rejected because it says that domain is still being used by our first account we made, and that it has to be removed from that old account before we can add it to our new one.

The only info about the old account I remember is the username which is “epiz_27779230” and that is because of a screenshot I took when we created the hosting account, also most likely I would remember the original password…

How can we fix this? Can you help?

Thanks in advance…

Hey there. Have you tried the forgot password link on the login page? You could submit the form multiple times, each with an email address that it could be. Otherwise, you would have to wait for the Admin, and he might be able to manually send a reset password email, although I think you would still have to have access to the original account.

Just a note: If you do get the first account back, you will have to delete the second one as you can only have one account per person.

Try the password reset thing and let me know if you get anywhere.

Please send an email to [email protected] with the details. Please send it from the email address of your new profile.


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