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Hello everybody,

I was just wondering if I have a problem or if I should be waiting this long, I have bought a domain and have changed my name servers to ns1 epizy com and ns2 epizy com (I removed the dots due to only being allowed 2 links in this form).
It has been almost 42 hours since I have changed them and it still wont let me create my hosting account with my custom domain. It comes up with the error message “Your domain is not yet pointing to and Change your nameservers at your domain registrar and wait a few hours. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.”

Thank you.

What is your website URL so that we can help you?

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I checked using DigWebInterface and the nameservers are still pointing to Porkbun ones. Did you make sure you changed the nameservers from the custom nameservers section of Porkbun’s control panel? If not could you change them from there? If you already changed the nameservers from there but still the nameservers aren’t changed try to contact Porkbun support for help?

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This is what I changed them to, I suppose I should contact Porkbun then?


Try to set it to

This Porkbun KB article should let you know how to set nameservers for a domain registered there:

After that you need to wait at least a hour before the nameservers are saved successfully.


Oh thank you so much, I realize I had changed it in the wrong place. What would the default name servers box be for then, should I reset those back to the original default ones?

The default nameservers box is the box where the default nameservers for a newly-registered domain would go. It’s better to leave it as default.


Ok I better change that back then, Thank you so much again :grin:

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