Domain is already assigned and in use.2

I’ve accidentally deleted my domain from my addon domain section in cpanel and every time I try to re add it to my account I get this error ‘domain is already assigned and in use.2’ The dns are pointing to and

I don’t have the domain added anywhere else and I cannot seem to find a solution to this anywhere. How can I fix this?

Provide domain so Admin can check if it’s really in-use.

I mentioned it right in the post.

I’ve found out where the domain was assigned and no longer have a problem. Please disregard this question. Thank you.

For other people who may have the same issue:

The control panel isn't very clear on where the domain is hosted, so it's hard to figure out where to look. The create account menu in the client area on the other hand is a lot more clear and points out where the domain is hosted. So if you aren't at the 3 account limit yet, you can try to create a new account with the domain instead.