Domain has been suspended!

Hi all,
I had an email informing me that my domain had been suspended for the following

Your account was taken down due to abuse. Examples of abuse include harmful or illegal content or sites that overload our servers.

For more information, please submit a ticket from the client area. Staff can tell you more about why your account was suspended, reactivate your account, or provide you with a backup of your data.

While the domain is back up and running I did check and we have nothing on the site that is abusive, harmful or illegal so I am at a loss as to why it was suspended. Lastly, I can’t actually see where I can raise a ticket as I am on the free service (for now).

So I would like to know what has triggered this takedown?



You already answered the question yourself:


I cant actually see how I raise a ticket maybe I should have made that a little clearer.

In the client area, there should be a big button stating “Create New Ticket” in the same banner that says you have been suspended.


I checked your account and it’s not actually suspended. The .com domain hosted on it is also working fine from here. What do you see that makes you suspect your account is suspended?


Just the email that was sent to me told me it was suspended and to raise a ticket but I honestly could not figure out how to raise a ticket but no worries its all working for now :slight_smile:

I checked your account, it was indeed suspended on the 6th of May, but it was reactivated within 10 minutes after it got suspended.

We had an issue that day where a lot of accounts got suspended incorrectly, but we quickly reactivated all affected accounts.

You should have received an email to notify you about the reactivation as well.

In any case, the email notifications are just a notification and not a live state. If your website works and your account is listed as active, then all is good.


Thanks so much, we have these glitches from time to time :slight_smile:


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