Domain forwarding to

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:
I configured my domain to forward to my main domain ( in my Enom config. It is setup as a CNAME (Alias) with www, @, * all pointing to the main domain

  • it appears to be resolved, but when i go to I’m getting forwarded to a suspended page.
  • Is there something I am missing on the server settings?

If your domain wasn’t added before in your Control Panel or isn’t present, you should change the nameservers to and and add it on the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel.

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I would prefer not to change the name servers (DNS), an utilize the host records of my domain provider to just forward the domain to the hosted pages. It should be possible with the. Cname forwarding, I am just not sure if I need to do anything on the server side, or if this suspended page thing is just some propagation that has to take place on the server side

Also, I know the domain is forwarding correctly, I set a test up using and it does properly forward as a URL redirect to the infinity Addon sub domain (not the main domain)

You have waited long enough for DNS propogation?

It is possible to point your domain name to our servers with a CNAME record. However, our servers don’t know what to serve on the domain, because it’s not assigned to any hosting account. And to be able to add a domain name to your account, you need to point it to our nameservers first.

After you’ve added the domain name to your account, you can move it back to your own nameservers. But until then, you need to use our nameservers first.

All the reasons you can see this page are described in this article:

Your situation falls under the case of “The domain is not attached to any hosting account”.


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