Domain Error

I have my domain poined to your nameservers and when when i try to add it to my list of adon domains. I have never seen this before . I have enclosed a screen shot for you.

The domain i’m trying to add is just an fyi

and it only happens with this one domain

I guess it was added to this account Profile - hamradiotv - InfinityFree Forum
and displays dir listing.

You need to remove it from there (old acc - if you want)
and then after a while add in this your new acc


That’s only one problem 2fa was turned on my mistake and can’t get there to remove it on there account user hamradiotv

Don’t you have backup codes ?
OK buddy - please wait for the admin and he will solve it
You will probably get an email from the admin

to confirm:

  • you want to stay in the old account
  • you just need access again to old acc

I guess tomorrow (Sunday around 9-11h CET) the admin will visit the forum and give you instructions


I lost the backup codes and that’s why i had to make the new account to begin with Big mistake on my part yes i just need access to the old account . Please I’m upset and cyber crying :cry: :cry: :cry:

Don’t despair - it will be a quick fix :slightly_smiling_face:
Just please be patient for a few more hours ( as I stated in a previous post ) .


I’m a Special needs user on the service and telling me to be patient is like talking to the wall. Lucky a have a hosting service that i use until then.

Wow, spot on with the timing there. Didn’t realize I was so predictable.

In any case, the domain is currently assigned to a hosting account at Did you sign up there as well? If so, please remove the domain name from there first before you can add it to your account here.

As for the 2FA protected account, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that. We offer two factors of authentication: email+password and OTP+recovery codes.

If you forget your password OR lose access to the email address, you can recover your account. You can update your email address without the old address working, and you can do a password reset through email.

If you lose access to your OTP device OR your recovery codes, you can also recover your account. You can login with your OTP device and generate new recovery codes, or login with recovery codes and disable 2FA on your account.

If you lose your OTP device AND your recovery codes, you cannot complete the second factor of authentication and you lose access to your account. And no, we cannot verify you through email for that. Email is part of the first factor of authentication, and using the first factor of authentication to bypass the second factor of authentication defeats the point of 2FA in the first place.


Wow, I signed up there also . You most own many hosting services. ? I just removed the accound from there as i am typing this post .

No, I don’t own, I only own InfinityFree. But some infrastructure is shared between both providers, so you can’t use the domain in both places at the same time.


Since i can’t get access to the account with the 2fa on it is there a way the admin can remove that account all together ?

Not if the account is at, the Admin of IF doesn’t have control over accounts at another hosting service, even if they do use the same infrastructure.

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All of my content is under the new account here on infinity three. There’s no longer any content on I hostfull . That account is now empty. All the websites are now Andrew the new account. With infinity free hosting.

That may be true but it still doesn’t given them access to your previous accounts over there.

You’d have to ask someone at the other company to remove your account or the addon domain, however if you’ve lost access to it they might not be able to do that.


If you’re talking about the account, then no. All I can see is that the domain is in use there. I don’t know anything else about the account hosting it, let alone have any ability to make changes to it.

If you’re talking about the other InfinityFree client area profile: can I delete the other account? Yes. Will I? No.

The point of two factor authentication is to protect people accounts. Every authentication is worthless if we would just make changes to any accounts because someone else on this forum asked for it.

Even if you say the account was yours, you can’t fulfill the authentication, which means you can’t authenticate yourself as the account owner, which means I cannot provide any information or make any changes to that account on your behalf.


All my domain are back on infinity free . They are not on the other host anymore. As far as the account with the 2fa that i can’t access . will the system remove it on it’s own?

Yes, the accounts should be automatically removed after some time due to inactivity.


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