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I create new Web Username and Install Wordpress on it ! After that I upload file from My PC to My Web throught FileZilla ! I and my friends can access my web through my web label( I set ! But after few hours, When I reconnect my website ! It’s direct me to or some web…!
I have setup database find in domain but it disappear when i search on cpanel!
Pls help me ! Tks very much
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What do you mean by ifastnet?

Does your account has been suspended (ifastnet)?

Can you send us an screenshot of the problem?

The domain redirects to a holding page, please go into the subdomain section of the VistaPanel and add it, as the holding page means that it is not assigned to an account.

The domain,, is exist and accessible with no files on it(I saw directory listing, that’s why).

Can you try to check it again and upload the files one by one using Filezilla again?

You may try to create new database and other missing things that you’ve said and check it again, if it works.

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