Domain Directory Listing

I have added a domain in the cpanel area with your name server but when i access that domain, it shows a page with directory listing. Its been a week since i have added the domain through cpanel area. My domain is -

Your website seems to be working fine now.

If you see a directory listing, that means the folder is missing an index file. The index file is a file which is called index.php or index.html (exactly that name, it’s case sensitive) which should be served as the main page of that folder. Also note that the file must be placed directly in the htdocs folder of the website. If it’s in a subdirectory, it will not be applied.

If there is no such file, you will see a directory listing or a 403 Forbidden error page.

Also, note that addon domains and subdomains get their own website directory, separate from the main htdocs folder.

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