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Yesterday, while navigating my cPanel, I accidentally removed my domain from my hosting account. This domain is of utmost importance to me as it represents my personal brand and holds critical content.I also deleted some files in ftp for removing wordpress. Is there is any way to recover the domain

Add it back to your hosting account if it is still available?


it shows Your domain is not yet pointing to our nameservers and Please change your nameservers at your domain name provider and wait a few hours for the changes to take effect. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.

i added domain but when i visit this it shows Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to SSL peer has no certificate for the requested DNS name.


The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Did you do this?

  • You can just add your domain to your existing account again. No need to create an entirely new hosting account.
  • Deleting the domain will permanently delete any DNS records from the hosting system, as well as any SSL certificate you had installed. But you can just reinstall the existing SSL certificate from the client area, if it’s still valid.
  • Please note that removing and re-adding the domain name will likely change the directory your domain is linked to, so you may need to move your files from the main htdocs folder to the folder listed in the Domains table in the client area.

Okay I successfully fully added the domain and requested for the the ssl certificate. Thanks for the solution

You could have just reused the existing SSL certificate. It was deleted from the hosting account when you removed the domain, but the SSL certificate still exists in the client area.

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But it revoked and requested certificate waited for 1 hour it is still in draft

Certificates don’t revoke unless you request the certificate to be revoked. And it’s very rare that revoking a certificate is actually necessary.

Removing a domain from your account does not invalidate the SSL certificate that was used on it, so you can just reuse the same certificate.

That doesn’t mean anything. Please click the certificate order in the list and check the steps there.


I accidentally revoked when i visit the website in http it shows like this

That’s not what I get (I’m redirected to an error 404 page).
Since you moved accounts, you are likely experiencing the effects described in this article:

Try clearing your DNS cache or visiting via a VPN/Tor, and make sure that your htdocs directory (as well as some content like an index.html file) exists so that you’re not redirected to the 404 error page:


Yesterday I deleted all files and folders to remove my wordpress ? So is this might be the problem for this? Or other’s

In file manager

Most likely, yes. Your website loads fine for me now, though.


That’s the parking page from Bodis. That’s a DNS level issue, it has nothing to do with SSL.


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