Domain and Nameserver error

Hi! I run into a catch 22 with domain and name servers. I have read a previous closed post about this Link but i found no other sources.

The problem is: I can’t set up domain account because I haven’t set up name servers yet. But I can’t set up name servers, because I haven’t set up domain yet…

Unfortunatelly hungarian domain names are pain to set up. I spoke with the hungarian provider about the error, and they asked me to copy this text to you to solve it:

Please follow this link for the technical check:

The .hu domain rules require that the nameservers have to pass the technical check on the page linked above. Please set up the nameservers according to the output of the link above, until there are no more error messages. The nameservers can be modified only if the above check is passed.

Are there anything you can do about it? I would really appreciate it.

i think because of that :confused:


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