Domain Already Used on Infinityfree

Good morning/evening,

I am trying to create a new account with my domain, but I apparently already used it on another account. I don’t know the email from that account where I used the domain.

So my question would be, can I recover the email from that account since I do not know the account email. I could show enough proofs to validate I own the account, I just don’t remember of having another account here.

Thanks in advance

Did it specifically say the domain was used on InfinityFree? If it just said “the domain name is already in use”, it could be in use on another provider on our network. In which case, I can look up which provider that is.

For privacy reasons, I can’t share the email address of other users on our platform. But I can trigger a reminder to be sent to the original address on file. Would that help you? If so, what’s the domain name you’re trying to get access to?


It specifically said it was used on InfinityFree.

It might help me :wink:
The domain I am trying to access is:

Please do not remove or edit anything to the website, if I cannot get it back, I will make a new website, but this one has to be online while I am making a new one.

Thanks in advance

I’ve sent a password reset link to the email address on file for this domain.

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Thanks, but I cannot see it in my emails.

Is there a way for you to send the email with some blurred letters, for example s******
That would help me a lot!

Thanks in advance

Well, it’s a Gmail account. Which is not surprising, given how popular Gmail is.

But beyond that, no, I cannot just tell your the email address. That would be leaking personal information of an account for which I have no way to verify it’s yours. And that’s illegal.

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I can proof I own the email. I have some information about the website I have (example: main domain, IP, FTP user & pass)

It would be awesome if I could proof I own it and that you can send me just one letter of the email, it will help me a lot.

Can you please send an email to [email protected] with your request, as well as the username, main domain and first character of the password?

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I am doing it right now.

Done :+1:

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