Domain already in use even though never used anywhere before

Hello i own and whenever i try to add it on my account it says: the domain is already in use.

No i havent used it anywhere else
Earlier it was showing a random site which i dont own or know about.

When i tried to add it using the custom domain section when creating a new account it says: Please remove the domain at before adding it on infinityfree.

Heres proof i own the domain

remove it from there?

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i didnt add it there

So maybe the previous owner forgot to remove it from their account. in this case the only option is to use a different extension like .ga for example

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Nah, he can contact ifastnet to remove his domain from there, he just has to contact and prove that his domain is his.


oh ok didnt know



I just visited and I get this page

yeah, that is not mine, its the site of whoever that used my domain in their webhost

oh what a pain, im sorry to hear that :frowning:

maybe you’ll have to register another domain name like .tk and such

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well then time to contact them

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fantastic news, I was going to wish you the best of luck but with infinityfree handling things you dont need luck :wink:

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Im back and they fixed it!

They fixed in like 1 minute lmao

anyways thanks all and have a good day!

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Yeah. Its simple. They just need to remove the domain from their system. Have a awesome day!

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IF does not support .tk domain


@WiseMan its great to see that your domain is working now and nice style on your site btw

well done

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