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Hello, I am trying to install DOLIBARR via Softaculous but it is blocked at 95% and never reaching 100%. Can you tell me if it’s normal or not ? is there a problem ?

Thank you

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Are you using vpn/proxy? From my experience, it breaks the installation.

This has happened to me in the past. My fix was to delete the installation folder, log out of all my hosting-related accounts, re-login, and initiate the installation again. You may have to do this a few times before it works

no, no proxy no vpn at all.
I really don’t know why

Did you try my idea? That’s what worked for me when installations act up.


I Have to do this a few times really ??? is there any other option ?

There might be, someone else might be able to help you better. @Oxy, @anon19508339, @Admin, is there a better way to solve this?

Actually I did this 2 times, I added a subdomain and tried to install Dolibarr on it but the result was the same as the screenshot : blocked at 95%

I tried your solution and now it’s blocked with this :

I really don’t know what I can do… and I have the same problem for GLPI

Hmm… if you are able to create another website on your account, maybe try and see if it works there??? As I said previously, I’m kind of lost here myself, hopefully @Admin will be able to help you out.

Admin does not respond to pings.

Either way, don’t mass ping :confused:


Well, it’s still not working so it’s a little bit annoying actually… I understand it’s free so without support, but if it’s a problem FROM Infinity Free, it could be cool to know.
I tried again and again and the result is the same

The only other thing I can think of is if you can create another website, add a free subdomain, and try to install it on that site. If it works maybe you can transfer the files to the original site??? Just a thought, it may not work.

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This is what I encountered.

You need premium hosting for Dolibarr


Hello, it it’s not supported with free account then, why can I install it from softaculous ?? there is no ads anywhere saying that Dolibarr have to be install on a Premium account…
it’s really not cool.

One reason could be the previous versions do not require InooDB.

Since this is free hosting, do you think it is feasible to allocate resource to keep track of installation script changes?


Well, I understand that free is limited, ok no problem with that, but it could be cool to KNOW IT BEFORE and have something saying that is soft or this soft is not available with free account, or has been deprecated since an update.
I lost 3 days trying to install dolibarr via softaculous then now it seems that it’s simply impossible to do… it’s annoying.

Well…that’s life. Hopefully subsequent IF users can read this post to avoid this pitfall before attempting to install Dolibarr.

Life is always full of unexpected. You just need to be aware


I can answer both questions with a single answer: because Softaculous is closed source, off the shelf software and we have little control over how it looks, works or what software is available through it.

We can’t show you in Softaculous that a script requires premium because Softaculous doesn’t have such features. Softaculous also packages and pushes scripts and updates, and we can’t check every version of all the hundreds of different scripts in there to verify they work on our hosting.

We try to keep the list clean and remove any known prohibited or incompatible software we find, but we need reports such as the one you provided here to know what works and what doesn’t.


Fair answer :+1: :+1: