Doesn't show my website or shows just part of it
When I enter my website name in address bar, I can see just list of uploaded files, but not a website.
When I press one of files it is open my website content, but anyway it is not works properly. When I try to navigate through my content and press ‘contacts’ doesn’t open anything.
I uploaded 2 HTML and 2 CSS files

Seem like you want to set the index right? just rename the main filename into index.html and link your files.

Also your resource isn’t loaded because you write the wrong path, you can’t use C:\ because it’s only local disk accessible, in order to achieve this just put the file in same folder and remove all the path from the url and just leave the filename.

Well i’m not good at explaining but hope you understand xD


I did everything like was described on InfinityFree tutorial, how to upload files. So I little bit don’t understand what I should rename to index.html? What I have created and rename on my computer or rename on my account here? I am new with hosting, I need to learn lot of, but I watched on Youtube, looks like very easy everything. Could you explain little bit more about how to upload correct everything. Thank you so much

You have uploaded everything(Well and Good!)
But you have to rename your main html file to index.html.

He mentioned it properly…

The images(assets) are set to local disks…

Follow the advice given by @ookamiiixd

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Ohh my gosh, I must read zillions time to understand what is mean what. :joy:
Finally my page shows right now, but still not show pictures and when click on contact, doesn’t open contact page, still have problem :roll_eyes:
I m really appreciate for your help guys

I don’t think that you have uploaded the images…

See^^ the image doesn’t load

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Yes, I see. I try to fix problem now. Cos my “contact” page already loading and shows picture as well, but my index didn’t yet.
Just one more question. So when I uploading my HTML and CSS files from my computer through FileZilla to my hosting account, I need to upload and all other related things, like a photos, music, videos etc??? :face_with_monocle:


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