Does not display image on the website

Hello all good I have a problem. I can’t see the images on my website.
I already put it in JPG format in PNG too but it was not displayed on the site.

hi, I checked your site and the images are all giving a 404 error so there could be a few reasons for this

images are not uploaded
images are uploaded to an incorrect directory
images are incorrectly named (file names are case sensitive)


Not mine no my friend how No my friend how can you No my friend as you can see I did upload the images. But for some reason it is not showing.
Only the images agu1.png agu2.png and sf1.png were loaded.

First of all, “img” is different from “Img” (note the capital letter)

Also, “img” is very different from “imagem”.

Make sure your folder names and image paths match.

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I don’t know why the site that directs to the ftp through the server site it changes to imagem But when I’m using the ftp client it appears img

Probably it was the translator at the bottom of your screen, it most likely “translated” the folder name to “imagem” instead of “img”

Your index file is in the htdocs folder whereas the images are in the img folder. You’ll have to do ../img/yourimage.png to get the correct images. Or place the img folder inside the htdocs folder.


all directorys and files must be placed within the htdocs directory, sites on infinityfree cannot access anything below the htdocs directory


I changed it from uppercase to lowercase and it still doesn’t show.

and it didn’t work using …/img/agu.png

Undo the change and place the img folder inside the htdocs folder

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I already undo it but it didn’t. I tried /img/agu1.png and I also tried img/agu1.png

Thanks to everyone who helped I solved the error myself. First I come to inform you that the image cannot be in a folder, but in the directory where the HTML is Thank you, thank you, thank you

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No, you can place images in folders. You just need to use the correct file paths.


So I don’t know how to do it the right way. but thanks for the help


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