Does inifinity free work with vite static


Im just wondeirng ahead of time do you guys support vite, i have a static Vanilla HTML CSS and JS site and was wondering do you guys work with vite, like npm run dev.

You can upload those files using the online file manager, or desktop FTP software like FileZilla.

Free hosting does not offer support for command line.


Furthermore, NPM is meant for NodeJS.

Infinityfree only allows PHP for a server-side language. If you want more languages, then premium is an option. All of the tiers of Premium allow Nodejs in addition to lots of other languages and benefits, so you should be good on that.

Otherwise, is another option for hosting Nodejs applications (although their platform is less oriented on website hosting).


do you know how i can have a bundler like vite

If all Vite does is generate a static site for you, you can use it to build a website hosted here.

However, we don’t have Node.js on our servers, don’t provide command line access to our servers and don’t have anything like build pipelines. So you’ll need to provide those yourself.

Basically, you can just follow this guide from Vite itself. You can build the project on your own computer, which creates a folder called dist that contains the generated files of your site. You can upload those to our servers with FTP to publish your website. See their Static Deploy guide:

Finally, as the name of the command npm run dev implies, it runs a development server. It’s great for developing, testing and previewing your changes locally, but it’s not suitable for running your live site. So you can’t run it on our servers, but you also shouldn’t do so in the first place.


Thank you very much

Sorry bt what bundlers do you guys work with

Oh wait never mind, im chill i understand just run npm build and then upload my pure vanilla js (no framework) to infinity free and i should have a good bundler.

KK thats chill sorry im slow minded

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