Does InfinityFree support .group extension?


I’m new to Infinityfree so I have a question related to the hosting of my website. I have a website with a the .group extension ( and I can’t seem to be able to do much with it (my other websites ending with other extensions are fine). I just wonder if Infinityfree support the .group extension at all?

Thanks for your responses.

All domain extensions can be hosted with us (except for .tk, which was blocked due to excessive abuse). And if a domain extension is blocked, we would tell you that if you try to add it to an account. Why would we let you add the domain name first and then subtly sabotage it?

The reason your domain is not accessible is because it’s pointing to Yandex’s nameservers, not ours:

Please change the nameservers of your domain name with your domain provider to fix this.

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